One third

It’s day 11 of NaBloPoMo and I’m over a third of the way through! Honestly, my track record with challenges is kinda suck so I’m pretty pumped that I’ve made it this far without missing a day.

Hubby is out of town and the kids and I are doing what we do best…slacking!

It’s Veteran’s Day…

**thank you to all the service men and women who are serving/have served our country and made it a safe place for us!**

…so the kids are out of school. We were supposed to be doing science projects, but apparently a thermometer and ph strips are super hard to find locally (who knew?!) so I had to order them and now the kids can’t do their experiments until tomorrow. 🙁

On the agenda today is FOOD first and foremost, then some laundry, maybe a little de-cluttering, maybe a soup for dinner and jiu-jitsu class for the boy.

Then hubs will be home!

The kids and I are about to head out for a yummy brunch at Cracker Barrel Grumpy’s (CB was too busy) and then I’ll tackle the rest of my to-do list today.

While I’m out, I’ll get the few items I don’t have so that I can make this yummy soup tonight from Iowa Girl Eats. This cheesy version sounds pretty dang delicious too though so I might do a mash up of the two!

What’s on your agenda today?



  1. I’m so proud of us! Hopefully things get easier as the month goes by!

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