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Last time I did a post like this I borrowed prompts (with permission) from Meet Me at Mikes. Which were great! But, this time, I used some of the same prompts and threw in several specific to me and what I’m doing/thinking right now.

Making: these yummy gluten free breakfast cookies for the kids

Cooking: healthy breakfasts

Drinking: my copycat Whole Foods tropical smoothie (recipe coming soon)

Watching: Girlfriends Guide to Divorce

Listening to: the whole Sam Smith album, but also Ed Sheeran, Thinking Out Loud and Andy Grammar, Honey I’m Good

Lusting over: the fashion on GGTD! I’m obsessed with pieces from all of their styles.

Thinking: about my Italy trip. It’s only 65 days away and I can feel the anxiety slowly creeping in, but I’m also uber excited! The last time we went out of the country was my first time ever so I feel like I had more to do. This time it’s mostly just packing.

Focusing on: eating healthier and watching my portions

Waiting: to receive my Shannon Bonatakis print (warning: possibly NSFW-ish) the teen bought me for Christmas. I’ve wanted one of Shannon’s prints for over a year. Now the question is where to put it!

Ordering: my first Vitacost order. I had heard of Vitacost, but never actually ordered. Then I ran out of vitamins for the kids and didn’t want to make a Whole Foods run.

Morning Reading: the Skimm. I just started getting Skimm emails, but so far, so good!

Bedtime Reading: To Kill a Mockingbird

Recently added to my To-Read list: Party Girl

Getting used to: drinking my morning coffee with less sugar

Pumped for: season premiere of Girls

Marveling: at snow in Jacksonville! Okay, it was just flurries, but still…SNOW!

Playing: Wits and Wagers and Apples to Apples

Wishing: we could pick up and move where we want to RIGHT NOW. We’d only move to another area of town because of the kids schooling, but maybe eventually out of the state. We will get there eventually when the timing is right.

Pinning: my ideal winter look and this adorable kitchen staple

Working on: getting more organized and de-cluttering. I’m not a fan of baby steps because it’s hard for me to see the big picture, but so far I’ve been to keep my eye on the prize and keep plugging along.

Excited about: my new business app/digital business card…go here —> katie.oily.life on your mobile device! Want one for your business? My husband created it and is looking to expand. Even if you aren’t in the essential oil business, send me a message telling me what business you are in and what you would want your digital business card to do for you.

Wishing: I had more decor in my house. I love going in someone’s home and seeing how decorated it is. I really want ours to have more decor, but I have a hard time making decisions about how to do it.

Enjoying: the kids being back at school. I was dreading the early mornings and routine, but now that I’m back in the groove, I am loving having the house to myself again.

Smelling: Thieves + Christmas Spirit in the diffuser.

Searching: for a new salad dressing recipe. I LOVE my current staple, but I’d like some variety. I’m going to try this one today. I’ll let you know if it’s yummy or not.

Quote I liked recently: “No one truly interesting is universally liked” – Girlfriends Guide to Divorce

Needing: to give the dog a bath. She is so stanky! But I need to buy doggie shampoo first! 🙁

Wearing: workout wear

Feeling: Hungry. It’s lunch time. 😛

Loving: that Florida finally has marriage equality



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