I’m alive! {+ Sunday Lately}

Yes, folks, if you follow me on Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram you know that I’m still ALIVE! I’ve lost my blogging mojo, but I’m working on getting it back. Not going to promise much, but I’m going to try to post at least once a week.

Today I’m starting something new (new year…new blogging!) and trying out Sunday Lately. It’s a once a week e-hangout and linkup party where we share our week with a little help from weekly prompts. So, here goes…I’m slightly dusty on this blogging thing so bear with me.

This past week, I’ve been…

Picking at my fingernails! Ugh. My nails are a hot mess. Just a month ago they were beautiful and long(ish) and I loved them. Now they’re peeling, jagged, dry and I can’t get them to a nice stage where I stop picking at them. I blame it on too much cooking/cleaning. Guess I’ll just have to go on strike so my nails can be pretty again. šŸ˜‰

Telling myself to stay on track with my workouts. I started my fitness resolutions early because tomorrow was always “tomorrow” and never today. I was motivated to get started this past Monday and start I did! I decided onĀ Lee Labrada’s 12 Week Lean Body workout program. It was a little more than I wanted to bite off considering I don’t normally workout 7 days a week, nor do I think it’s good to workout that many days, but there are 2 cardio only days each week so I’m going to either take a rest day on those days or have an active rest day. An active rest day meansĀ that I’ll focus on simply doingĀ something active which could mean walking, a paddleboard excursion, a run, yoga, etc. So far so good. I’ve worked out 5 out of the last 6 days. Today I am super sore and debating on whether I’m going to do a weight workout or just some light walking/stretching.

img_8009New gym + New kicks = Happy Girl

Debating on aĀ new camera lens to buy for my Fuji X-T10. I bought the Fuji early last year and only have the 35mm f/1.4, which I love, but it’s time to add another lens to the family. I’m going to NYC in March and I don’t want to lug my big Nikon DSLR, so I need (yep, physically neeeeeed) a new lens so I can capture our trip the way I want to while not looking like a total tourist. I really, really, really, wanted the Fuji 16-55mm f/2.8. The photographer in me was drooling over that big gorgeous piece of glass and the fixed 2.8 aperture. BUT…that beautiful baby comes at a big price and people were saying that the 18-55mm would work just as well for what I want to use it for so I went with the 18-55mm. I also bought it used for 1/3 of the price of the 16-55 so there’s that too. It arrives on Tuesday and I’m kicking my cheapo self for not getting one day shipping because I’m dying to play with it!

Mixing green smoothies! I’ve been drinking green smoothies for a few years now, but not consistently. I have my favorites that I’ll throw together when I get a hankering or when I’m eating healthy. I really enjoyed a 30 day challenge I did last year from Simple Green SmoothiesĀ so I bought their book the other day so I can stop googling every time I want to try a new smoothie combo. I was reading it this morning and decided to start their 10 day kick start!

Humming whatever I was last listening to. For a LONGĀ while, I was humming anything and everything Hamilton, both the original soundtrack and the mixtape. Those songs are like earworms you can’t ever get rid of, but I love them so much!


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  1. Oh man, I clicked over to that workout. It’s hardcore. I’m so not able to even do one pullup, haha. I’m going to give myself today to recover from the lack of sleep and over eating/drinking that I did last night and then I’m back to my exercising again. I sadly took two weeks off for a foot injury….and it turned into two months. So back at it I go!

    • Haha. Don’t worry, I can’t do unassisted pull-ups right now either. That’s why the pull-up machines at the gym are so helpful. šŸ˜‰ I know how it is when a break turns into a longer break. That’s how I got so out of shape! I cancelled my gym membership because I could “do it at home for less”, but after a year, I haven’t stuck with anything consistently so I bit the bullet and got my butt back to the gym. Now if I can get past the super sore part.

  2. My nails are always peeling this time of year! šŸ™ I can’t get them to grow long without peeling.

  3. Welcome back to blogging! I need to get back into a workout routine like WHOA.

    • Thanks! I stopped going to the gym over a year ago because I was going to do at-home workouts instead, but I didn’t stay consistent with it. Back to the gym I go!

  4. I finally had to take my peeling nail polish off from the holidays! Chipped red is SO not cute!

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