Instagram Story Tips

I learned a couple Instagram story tips/tricks recently and thought I’d share. You may already know these, but if not, here you go…

The first is if you want a plain background to just put text on (or a gif or a photo).
• Go to add a new story
• Take a photo (it doesn’t matter of what)
• Hit the paintbrush – like you’re going to draw something
• Select the color you want as your background
• Hold your finger down on the screen for a few seconds
• Voila!

Second…how to put multiple photos into one Instagram story frame. Yes, there are apps to make it prettier and I use those, but sometimes I’d just like to throw a couple of photos/videos up and be done. Basically, you turn them into stickers that you paste into the story. What?! Yes. Check out the video below for the how-to (it also mentions quickly my first tip above).

ALSO, while surfing Youtube, I came across a great video with lots of tips/tricks for making your Instagram Stories pop! Click over to Youtube to check it out —>

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