Hello *waves*

Hello again. It’s been a little while, eh?

Since it feels a kind of awkward to just jump back in, how about a [re]introduction and an update…

I’m Katie, the blogger behind Freckled Latte. I’m a 41 yr old mom and wife, living in NE Florida with my husband, two teenagers, and our goldendoodle, Junie. I like health/fitness, food, coffee, reading, travel, photography, and occasionally, I *try* to look trendy (but I usually fail miserably because deep down I’m a jeans and tee girl all the way). I’m also working on growing out my grays. #Grombre ladies unite!
*and apparently I use hashtags even when I shouldn’t. I don’t talk in hashtags, I swear.

My blog is where I blab about random stuff. To be honest, it’s mostly just whatever is on my mind, but I try to put some reviews, tips, share my latest finds, etc so I like to believe it’s not 100% useless drivel. I could be biased though. I like to make connections with my readers (if there are any out there). I blog mostly because it’s my form of documenting life. I don’t share everything here as some of my family members prefer to keep their life private (well, as private as this day and age allows).

Let’s catch up since I blogged last…

• I’ve traveled to Paris, London, Dublin, Cuba, New York, Vegas, and Quebec. I even started a travel blog, Wanderlust and Lattes. But I’m a little behind in posting. 🙈

• I got a new workout obsession. TWO, actually since I blogged last. Orange Theory Fitness and a Peloton bike*. I post about both in my Insta-stories. We also recently added the Peloton Tread to the family. If you have any questions about either, let me know!
*If you are buying a Peloton, you can use this referral code to get $100 towards accessories on purchaseGW3E68 

• Our goldendoodle of 7 years, Lucy, passed away from lymphoma in late 2017. We’ve since added another fur baby to our family. You can find her @junie.b.doodle on Instagram.

• I ran my second (and likely last) half marathon

• I entered my 4th decade

• My oldest just graduated high school and I could not be more elated

• I’ve been reading consistently, but I’m in a slump at the moment so I’ve been reading at a sloths pace. However, when I finally finished Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, I flew through Waiting at Hayden’s. It’s a short, satisfying, easy, beach read so if you’ve been in a rut like me, you might want to check it out.

• Surprise…I’m still obsessed with lattes…even though my waistline has me drinking more black/semi-black coffee lately.

Cheers to the summer! And hopefully, more blogging!  😊

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