I’m sorry for what I said when I needed caffeine


This morning started off pretty calm…I got up earlier than usual, made the lunch sandwiches, clothes were clean, backpacks were packed. There are only 2 days of school this week so even though it was Monday, I wasn’t feeling too rough.

and then it happened…


I find out that the 12yo wants to wear the pair of shoes that currently had one shoe outside with dog poo stuck to it. It’s 40 degrees outside and he wants to clean it off so he can wear that specific pair of shoes instead of one of his other pairs of tennis shoes. I tell him, no, he whines…he has “gym today and those are his athletic shoes!”…”I wiped them off last night, they’ll be fine!” Okay, bring it in, but if it’s too much, you’re not wearing them. He brings it in…there is still poo in 2/3 of the cracks of the shoe! Tell him absolutely not…he whines some more…puts on other pair of tennis shoes.

Crisis 1 averted. Crisis 2…

12yo tells me at 6:55am (we leave at 7am) that sister just woke up.


Thankfully the teen is pretty quick when she chooses to be, we leave 10 min late, but crisis 2 is averted.

As I mentioned it was 40 degrees this morning. Mother eff’ing cold in this Florida girl’s mind. Do you think my kids thought it necessary to wear jackets today? Noooooo. I had to flat out demand that the one wear jeans instead of shorts and then they both got into the car with no sleeves! Hayden had gym so he didn’t get an option, he was taking a hoodie, but I may or may not have screamed, “I hope your extremities freeze off!” when the teen refused to get a jacket.

Thankfully, despite my short fuse and our crises this morning, traffic was heavenly so we left 10 min later than usual, but got to school at the same time we always do. The kids were in a great mood, I apologized for the things I said when I needed caffeine and we were all smiles by the time I kicked kid 2 out of the car.

Promptly headed to my favorite local coffee shop where their credit card machine was down, but thank God I had cash, treated myself to a vanilla latte and one of their new mugs!

Happy Monday!!



  1. Holly says:

    You are too much. I love it! I hope the rest of your mornings this week have a better start 🙂

  2. laurajaneatelier says:

    haha thanks for sharing

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