Wake up and kick ass

Not gonna lie, I’m usually an “ugh, it’s Monday, pass me alllllll the caffeine” kind of gal, but I’m trying something new this week. I woke up on this Monday morning and decided to kick some ass today.

First of all, I have this awesome blog post coming at you bright and early! I RARELY get my blog posts up early in the day. #winning already!

Second, it’s the beginning of October, the month of all things pumpkin and the start of some of the busiest months of the year and the perfect time to set some monthly goals.

Personal Goal: Wake up earli(er) than normal. On a day when I don’t have to go into work (MWF), I’m usually rolling out of bed at 6:40a.m., making the kids’ sandwiches and then heading out for my 1.5-2 hr trek of driving them to school and getting back home. SO, instead, I’m going to get up at 6am on those days and sip some coffee (from my Bialetti that I brought out of retirement yesterday and wondered why I ever stopped using) while I browse and see what’s happening online.

Business Goal: Work hard at getting my Beautycounter business off the ground. I’m going to share share share about how our beauty care industry needs a major overhaul and how what we put on our skin matters. You can clicky that link over there 👉🏼 in the sidebar (the Never list) to see all the awesome products we offer. If you want to try some in person, I can hook you up!

Health Goal: EAT BETTER. I’m tired of burning 600+ calories 3-4 times a week and seeing zero physical results. The scale hasn’t budged, but more importantly, my measurements haven’t changed one teeny tiny bit. I am no doubt stronger, healthier, and overall more fit than I was 5 months ago and that’s nothing to take lightly, but I would love to be a little leaner. I’m just eating too damn much and all the wrong things. I’m going to be more intentional in my eating and think more about what I’m putting in my mouth.

Mental Goal: More yoga & meditation. I plan to follow a 30 day yoga program (not sure which one yet) and add some actual studio classes in as well. One per week is the goal.

This week is going to be hectic with a lot of appointments and meetings after school, but I’m gonna rock it!

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